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The Rigs South Padre Island, Tx

As Captain of my boat, it is my goal to offer you the best fishing charter experience in the Gulf Of Mexico. All of our trips are "private party" trips which means we don't pair you up with other groups just to fill up the boat. We cater each trip to the individual needs and desires of each charter we take fishing. Whether you are a first timer or a seasoned fisherman, we can design a trip to your comfort level. We encourage families, especially those with kids to come and fish with us. I pride myself in taking the additional time and patience to making sure children have a memorable fishing experience that they will carry with them forever. We can troll or fish the Gulf of Mexico for monster size fish or SHARK. You and your loved one can just get-away on a romantic tour of the blue waters and coast or you can treat your children to a dolphin watch. Whatever adventure you're looking for in the ocean, consider booking with Kayote Outfitters.



Whether you want to hunt from a blind, a moving truck safari style, walk and stalk, a bow, a crossbow or a thermal hunt in complete darkness we have the right team, the right equipment, and the energy to get it done. Our team does not stop until we exhaust every opportunity and strategy to make your hunt a success. The hunt can be customized to your liking whether you want to hunt a Nilgai bull or a Nilgai cow. We can make it happen with other add-ons available at a seconds notice such as Axis, Blackbuck, Audad, White Tail, Hogs, Whitewing Dove or Javelina. Let me take you on a customized extreme hunting experience. With coast to coast references and testimonials you are sure to have peace of mind when you book your trip.  We take pride in what we do and we are constantly developing and maintaining the ranch so that our customers can have only the most memorable and unbeatable hunting experience. 

About Me

Kayote loves Texas and America

Hatched or Born?

I was born and raised in Rio Hondo, Texas just east of Harlingen. I grew up like a lot of kids in rural Texas, exploring the surrounding lands and brush and appreciating the wonders of Creation. I started hunting rabbits and birds at the age of 8. 

Kayote Barrera bearing arms!

Growing up we could never afford a hunting lease so I got a late start at it but boy do I love it. Along the way I met some guys that were guides and outfitters and realized I wanted to be able to have the same interaction with hunters and fishermen (and outdoor people in general). 

Most people don't realize Nilgai are very smart, tough animals. They want to out-do the hunter more than any other exotic I have ever hunted. It's why their population continues it's meteoric climb in South Texas. 

Captain Kayote Barrera

What I love the most about guiding is the interaction with different hunters from all over the world. I love learning new methods and seeing the look of accomplishment and satisfaction on their faces when we harvest the game.

Other things I love are chocolate ice cream, boudin, and crawfish! I have three pets, all goldfish: Zapper, Flash, and Torpedo.