Aoudad Hunts



Native to Northern Africa, the Aoudad was introduced into Kerr and Llano counties sometime after WWII. Their common name is Barbary sheep. They are the only species of goat antelope but considered a sheep to hunters.

What Do They Look Like

Aoudad have a red-tan coat with white insides of legs. The horns of males go out, back and then in. They can be up to 34 inches long and are quite heavy and textured/wrinkled. Females are horned as well but not as prominently as males. They are able to retain water from grazed vegetation and thus able to survive dry climates and droughts quite readily. They are a very formidable foe because of their keen sense of smell and hearing.

Hunting Regulations

Texas Parks an Wildlife manages the Aoudad population in the Palo Duro Canyon area and that is the only regulated area. Other than that area, you only need a hunting license and follow the same rules for all other exotics.