Axis Deer Hunts

Axis Deer Hunts


Like the Nilgai, the Axis Deer is native to India and  known as the "chital". Around 1932 it was introduced into Texas. By 1988 it was estimated to be in 27 counties of central and southern Texas, composed of free-ranging herds. At the same time, it was a confined species on ranches in 67 other counties. They are the single most abundant exotic deer in Texas. 


They tend to inhabit forested areas with open areas that have a good base of grasses in them. The Axis seem to prefer short green grasses and can graze on hackberry and live oak among others. They are also known to avoid rough terrain. 


Axis are somewhat large, spotted deer with only three tines on each antler. They have white spots over most of their upper body while everything else is white. They do have a unique dark stripe from the nape of the neck to almost the tip of the tail. The males weigh approximately 66 to 165 lbs while females are 55 to 100 lbs. 

Nutritional Data

 Texas A&M Department of Animal Science has published nutritional data from several exotics compared to domesticated meat sources. Here's how it stacks up for a 4 oz. portion of Axis uncooked venison:

  • Axis venison: 1.9 fat grams, 26 protein grams, 120 calories, 59mg cholesterol
  • Beef - Ground, extra lean: 18.5 fat grams, 29 protein grams, 290 calories, 95 mg cholesterol
  • Beef - Top loin: 26.1 fat grams, 21 protein grams, 323 calories, 79 mg cholesterol 
  • Lamb: 4.9 fat grams, 24 protein grams, 142 calories, 75 mg cholesterol
  • Pork, center loin chop: 24.8 fat grams, 31 protein grams, 355 calories, 108 mg cholesterol