Coyote Hunts

Coyote Predator Hunts

Wile E. Coyote

Texas is home to millions of coyotes. They are probably one of the most resilient canine predators in the world. When wolves were hunted to the brink of extinction, coyotes survived. 

Our coyote hunts help control the coyote population which can get out of hand in just a short time. Coyotes are more and more common in urban areas as the population continues to spread into their habitat. Most people wouldn't realize it, but coyotes are even present on the nearby barrier island, South Padre Island. Spotted from the southernmost end all the way to the northernmost, a 34 mile stretch. They are resourceful and play an important part in every ecosystem they are in.

Hunting Regulations

Texas state law does require a valid Texas hunting license to harvest coyotes unless they are an imminent threat to the safety of a person or livestock.